What new technology could make the computer obsolete?

Answer Nothing because everything that a computer does can't be reproduced by anything but technology...Even if some day we do an "Implant" style, Outer Limits system... That would still be a computer.A "... Read More »

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Will digital technology make analog/analogue tech obsolete?

We have been Analogue for all of human history apart from the past 20 or so years (arguably 10) Although digital technology has improved greatly the life of all humanity it is artificial, and a glo... Read More »

Is digital technology making film photography obsolete?

On One Hand: Digital Technology Provides Many BenefitsDigital cameras have many advantages over film cameras. They allow you to easily perform edits, such as cropping and adjusting color, on your p... Read More »

How does an insurance adjuster place a replacement cost value on an obsolete technology?

It's going to be "as similar like kind and quality" as available. Back in the day, when yours was brand new, how "top of the line" was it? You'd be entitled to approximately the same size, equall... Read More »

What Is a Bit in Computer Technology?

In computer technology, the term bit refers to a data measurement unit. The word bit is derived from the two words "binary" and "digit." Eight bits make up a byte of data.Source:Indiana University ... Read More »