What new technique has better results than conventional mammography?

Answer A new technique called dual-energy contrast enhanced digital subtraction mammography is reported to find cancers that may be missed by conventional mammography.

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What does density clusters mean in mammography?

A density cluster is a group or cluster of tissue mass in the breast. It could be a collection of glandular tissue or a tumor. Glandular tissue is more dense than fat tissue. Therefore, the mass ma... Read More »

Continuing Education for Mammography?

The field of mammography is growing and changing. Digital mammography is replacing x-ray mammography is some areas. New and developing technologies for diagnosing diseases of the breast are becomin... Read More »

Mammography Technologist Schools?

The field of mammography involves using x-rays to capture the internal imagery of the breast, which is used to observe, diagnose and treat potential cancers, cysts and other illnesses. Mammographer... Read More »

Mammography Tech Schools?

Mammography technology is an area of women's health that focuses on the diagnosis of conditions and diseases in the breast tissue. Medical professionals use mammograms to look for cysts, tumors, ca... Read More »