Why has my eye been twitching for the past month?

Answer lack of sleep made my eye twitch for a can also be stress!here is an article on it.

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Of all the past films/movies which was you fave old War movie.?

1. Lawrence of Arabia2. Patton3. The Longest Day4. Glory5. Platoon6. All Quiet on the Western Front7. Tora! Tora! Tora!8. Breaker Morant9. The Bridge on the River Kwai10. Galliopli

My toilet ran for the past month and a half. Is that why my water bill more than doubled?

Yes, of course, why don't you call your water department and explain your circumstances and they might cut you a break. Is this your house or are you leasing? Because if you are leasing your land... Read More »

On my treadmill, for the past month, I'm 48 127lb. and my heart rate was up to 155 bad good?

Sounds good. Keep it up. The best workout is when you can talk but not sing while you are working out'

Why haven't I been able to find Motrin at the store in the past month Did they quit making it?

they can not keep up with the demand we buy so much of it, with all my damn headaches