Do you only go to the movies on Tuesday night?

Answer Nope, I usually go on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

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Smoking my last cigarette on Tuesday?

same here, ive also set my date for tuesday as this is when my kids go back to school. good luck, hopefully we can both do it.

Who got removed from dancing with the stars last tuesday?

Last week it was LisaYesterday it was Victor

Father passed away last Tuesday, some questions?

I am sitting here having a hard time writing to you. I understand losing a Dad as I lost mine when I was 16. I am so very sorry for your pain and loss!Hun, it is NOT a weakness not to want to look ... Read More »

I got my wisdom teeth out last Tuesday... Have the oddest pain... Pleeeezzzz help!!! Thanks!!!?

That actually sounds like a dry socket, which usually does not occur after the first week. What happens with a dry socket is that the blood clot is dislodged from the extraction site. The blood c... Read More »