What new electronic toy do you want?

Answer A Nintendo Wii, Ipod, cell phone, PS3, x box 360 elite, dvd/vhs recorder, digital camer, video camera, phone. New computer. new portable dvd player, and CD player.

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Anything electronic?

Anyone who slams electronic items like that I would call Angry. But anyone who slammed it and then expected it to work the same afterwards I would consider mildly (if not full blown) retarded. Anyo... Read More »

What does electronic yield mean?

Electronic yield refers to the amount of cells that can be measured in flow cytometry. Flow cytometry is a technique used to count and examine cells for the purpose of research or clinical diagnosi... Read More »

What is electronic banking?

According to the Barron's Business Guides, electronic banking "is a form of banking where funds are transferred between financial institutions." In other words, the banking customer processes trans... Read More »

What was the name of the first electronic typewriter?

The Blickensderfer Manufacturing Company created the first electric typewriter in 1902 in Stamford, Connecticut. Simply called the Blickensderfer Electric Typewriter, it was a revolutionary design ... Read More »