What are your top 10 movies that were released before you were born?

Answer Sept. 1995 1. Leon2. Aliens3. Pulp Fiction4. Midnight Run5. Strictly Ballroom6. Reservoir Dogs7. The Usual Suspects (if it came out before Sep.)8. Raging Bull9. Citizen Kane10. Edward ScissorhandsB... Read More »

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Why UK DVDs and Blue Ray are released on a Monday?

Will drake and josh ever be released on region 2 dvds?

Drake and Josh have only been released on single DVD's but on 2 disc's they probably will in the future.

What year were DVDs invented?

The DVD, or digital video disc, was first developed in 1995 by several companies, including Phillips, Sony and Toshiba. In 1996, the first discs and DVD players were available to consumers in store... Read More »

RHH: What were the best albums released in Hip Hop in 2001?

The Best Part was the album of 2001 IMO.Will Rap For FoodLabor DaysThe Autobiography of Kirk JonesStillmaticDisposable ArtsI would say The Cold Vein but I feel like thats an album that would go ove... Read More »