What needs the sun to grow?

Answer All plants need sunlight to grow. Therefore, every lifeform depends on the sun, with the notable exception of life living next to thermal vents at the bottom of the oceans. Some plants can also be ... Read More »

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What is the enzyme called that hair needs to grow?

Bromelain is the proteolytic enzyme that hair needs in order to grow. It is commonly used as a supplement in hair care products in order to aid the natural growth process of your hair.Source:HairCa... Read More »

Things a Plant Needs to Grow?

The plant kingdom sustains life, providing food and shelter to humans and animals alike. There are more than 270,000 species of plants throughout the world, categorized by at least four systems of ... Read More »

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What are the socio psychological and educational needs of children with special needs?

There is research evidence reporting that some antihelminthic drugs cause birth defects or miscarriage in animal studies.