What navy uniform do you wear to a funeral?

Answer Any dress uniform would be appropriate. Dress blues are the ones that would be the best. But dress whites are acceptable.

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What uniform can a Marine wear to his moms funeral?

Can a retired cpo from navy reserve who came out of retirement and joined national guard and retired as a sargent question can you wear the navy uniform to a navy ball or must you go army?

Yes as long as u wear the rank and awards that you made in the navy but why would you move from e7 to a e5 that's just crazy

Can you wear your USAF full service dress uniform to a funeral?

Can you wear a Hawaiian lei in navy uniform?

Under military uniform regulations, absolutely not. "Flowers" of any type are not authorized as a uniform device for any regulation Navy Uniform. However, having said that, it is a long standing t... Read More »