What natural resource does cotton fabric come from?

Answer Cotton fabric is made from cotton fibers, which come from the bolls of cotton plants. Cotton is a renewable natural resource. The plants can also be grown organically, with no chemical pesticides o... Read More »

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Which country does cotton come from?

Cotton doesnt come from one specific country. It comes from all over the world. Sertain brands come from different places.

What does"natural resource"mean?

"Natural resource" refers to a resource that occurs naturally in the environment, according to Princeton University's WordNet lexicon database. Natural resources include raw materials such as miner... Read More »

Where does the Cotton Belt Route emblem come from?

Cotton Belt Route was the historic nickname given to a series of rail lines between Tyler, Texas, and St. Louis, Missouri, now known as the St. Louis Southwestern Railway. The Cotton Belt Route emb... Read More »

Where does the saying - bless your cotton socks come from?

George Edward Lynch Cotton, English clergyman and educator, assistant master at Rugby 1837-1852, the �young master� in Thomas Hughes's "Tom Brown's School Days". Bishop of Calcutta, 1858 where ... Read More »