What natural remedy would you recommend for depression?

Answer *St John's Wort (Hypericum) from a health food shop, chemist/pharmacy or postal supplement service.*Exercise regularly in the fresh air.*A good, varied diet.*Talk with friends if this helps.*See a ... Read More »

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Can someone recommend an herbal remedy or a poultice?

have a bucket handy, that's my best advise, and give the squirrel some alcohol to kill the germs.…

Are there any natural remedies for depression?

You have heard correctly.People who eat some fish regularly are sharper and less depressed.Unfortunately fish are becoming both costly and they are disappearing, like cod (one of my favorites).If y... Read More »

Are there any natural herbs that will help with depression?

hey there sweety I am so sorry about your dads illness, i lost my mum 8 weeks ago to terminal ms after suffering and battling for 14 years with her illness so i understand your grief and pain.You d... Read More »

Does anyone know of any natural remedies for depression?

They say St. Johns Wort which is a plant taken in pill form and available at any natural food store, drug store in the vitamin section or grocery store. However, before taking any medications, even... Read More »