What nationality is the surname Foster?

Answer The last name Foster was probably shortened and Americanized from the name Forster. It is an English nickname from middle English, meaning "foster parent." Foster is also a Jewish name.Source:Ances... Read More »

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What nationality is the surname Tye?

The last name Tye is of English origin. It is derived from the Old English word "titt," which means "small mound or hill." The first recording of the name was Hugh de la Tye and John Tye in 1273.So... Read More »

What nationality is the surname Waldo?

A surname with a Germanic heritage, Waldo originated in the German state of Bavaria as a local name meaning "someone who lived near the woods." The Waldo family in Medieval Times was a notable fami... Read More »

What nationality is the surname Delger?

The surname Delger is German in origin. It is possible that the name is a variation of the surname Telger. According to, Telger may come from the German word telge or "tree nursery" in... Read More »

What nationality is the surname Hein?

The name Hein, used as a part of hundreds of surnames throughout Europe, derives from the German personal name "Heim-ric," or "home rule." The name possibly came to Ireland through the Norman Fitz... Read More »