What nationality is the surname Foster?

Answer The last name Foster was probably shortened and Americanized from the name Forster. It is an English nickname from middle English, meaning "foster parent." Foster is also a Jewish name.Source:Ances... Read More »

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Which nationality is the surname Kis?

According to 4Crests, the surname Kis is of Hungarian and part-Jewish origin, and was derived from "kis," which meant "small" in the Hungarian language. Alternate spellings of the name include Kiss... Read More »

What nationality is the surname Tye?

The last name Tye is of English origin. It is derived from the Old English word "titt," which means "small mound or hill." The first recording of the name was Hugh de la Tye and John Tye in 1273.So... Read More »

What nationality is the surname Apodaca?

According to the website, the nationality of the surname Apodaca is derived from Spain, particularly the judicial district of Victoria in the Province of Alava, which was one of th... Read More »

What nationality is the surname Tasca?

According to the website, the surname Tasca is of Italian origin and may have come from the personal name "Tasco," which was a woman's name. It may also have been derived from the Ita... Read More »