What nationality is the surname Apodaca?

Answer According to the website, the nationality of the surname Apodaca is derived from Spain, particularly the judicial district of Victoria in the Province of Alava, which was one of th... Read More »

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Is Apodaca a Basque surname?

The Spanish name Apodaca is a surname from the judicial district of Vitoria in the province of Alava, one of the three Basque Country provincias of northern Spain. The place name derives from the B... Read More »

What nationality is the surname Tye?

The last name Tye is of English origin. It is derived from the Old English word "titt," which means "small mound or hill." The first recording of the name was Hugh de la Tye and John Tye in 1273.So... Read More »

What nationality is the surname Jaggi?

The surname "Jaggi" is of a general European descent. Since 12 A.D., it has been traced back to every country in Europe, according to Surname Database. However, the most direct link can be made to ... Read More »

What nationality is the surname Kelley?

The surname Kelley may be of Irish, English or Scottish origin. If Irish, Kelley originates from the Gaelic name O'Ceallaigh. Kelley may also be locational, referring to a place in Devonshire recor... Read More »