What nationality is koziol?

Answer Koziol is a Polish word that means billy goat. As a surname, Koziol can be traced back to Poland. The term koziol sometimes refers to goat herders. There are also two low-pitched bagpipes from the ... Read More »

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What nationality is the name Ira?

Ira is a versatile name that is appropriate for both boys and girls. Its origins can be traced to four languages, each with a unique meaning. in Hebrew, it means "watchful" while in Greek it means ... Read More »

What nationality does he look like?

What do you mean by nationality?

On One Hand: There Is a Literal MeaningNationality as defined refers to "the status of belonging to a particular nation, whether by birth or immigration," according to the website Li... Read More »

What nationality do i look like and how old do u think i am?