What nationality is good in programming, Indians, Chinese, Filipinos or Russians?

Answer All are good.

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Filipinos, do you plan on boycotting Chinese products as some groups have started?

its impossible to do so, even if we go to work naked everyday, we would still be using china products one way or another. people are unaware of the things they use, they dont even know where its ma... Read More »

Who makes the best curries Indians or Chinese?

I like Punjabi style the most. I like my curry real hot and spicy. Just like my women.

What is a good way to learn c++ or other programming languishes?…it;s from the creator of can start from here . if you are using windows , download dev C++ and practice the examples in the book. best of luck.

What is a good programming language that I should start with?

It depends on what you want to be able to do and how much effort you are prepared to put in before you can do it.If you want to write games, full blown software applications, device drivers, etc. a... Read More »