How to Be Desi?

Answer A Desi is someone of Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi descent. It's a hard ethnicity to master, but here are some tips to follow:

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How to Get a Desi (Indian or Pakistani) Guy to Like You?

Desi guys are the bomb, and that's a fact. So we're sure that many of you girls out there would go for us in an instant. Here are some tips to help you.This guide is for desi larkhis (desi girls) a... Read More »

Did Desi Arnaz have any siblings?

Antoine Lavoisier is known to not have any siblings, though other websites may argue differently.

How to Dance Desi Style?

Desi dancing is very different than other styles, even hip-hop. It involves gracefulness and a great eye for detail. Desi Dancing a Style From India.

How to Prepare a Dance Routine for a Desi Wedding?

From the most exotic faces, elegant fashions and clothing, music that makes your dil go "mmmm", stunning jewelry, one-of-a-kind traditions and customs, to just plain awesome personalities - the Pak... Read More »