What name do you think sounds best for a cafe/lounge?

Answer I like Oasis & Exhale.Don't know if it matters, but there is already a bar/lounge in the city called 'Therapy' - it's a very popular gay martini bar.

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Which name sounds the best?

frostysoup is clearly the most logical answer because I'm not sure it even makes sense and will therefore stupefy the other players if this is a user name in a game. Alternatively, you could market... Read More »

Which name sounds best for a new teens clothing store?

i like identity, kiss me, outcast, and vixenhope i helped =]

What flower name do you think is the best?

What is the cheapest bass amp that sounds the best?

On One Hand: Bass Amps Using Solid State TechnologySolid state designed amps are generally cost efficient but have limits to how loud they can get. They produce a clean signal up until that limit i... Read More »