What nail polish color should you wear?

Answer The first use of nail polish dates back to just over 3,000 years ago. In ancient China, around 4000 B.C., royals of certain dynasties used colors like silver and gold to polish their nails and dist... Read More »

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What Color Nail Polish Should I Wear?

The cosmetics industry makes money by constantly presenting new products. When it comes to answering the question what color nail polish should I wear? Being fashionable and current is a good plac... Read More »

What color nail polish should i use?

What color nail polish should i use if I have..?

most magazine websites have info, I try to match my lip color and nail color.

What nail polish does Samantha wear in Sex and the City 2?

Samantha has Minx nails mostly through out the film. I think there is 8 different scenes with different styles of minx nails. Check out my blog for a post on her nails. It's in the related links s... Read More »