What nVidia video cards are compatible with a model gt5620 Gateway?

Answer The Gateway gt5620 desktop is compatible with all PCIe or PCI Express graphics cards. The system comes with integrated graphics on the motherboard, but can be upgraded by plugging any nVidia PCIe ... Read More »

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Who makes better video cards for HD video - ATI or Nvidia?

It seems that for the vast majority of the market from low end to high end, Nvidia seems to hold all of the cards (no pun intended). Nvidia is currently the leader in Performance and enthusiast mi... Read More »

Who makes better video-cards - Nvidia or Ati?

ati cards are usually cheaper, while the competing cards with nvidia gpus are usually faster

How to Build a Gaming Computer with Two Nvidia SLI Video Cards?

A gaming computer allows a PC gamer the ability to run the most demanding software available. By building a gaming machine, the user controls the level of performance the system can produce. A vide... Read More »

Why is there such a wide pricing range for the NVidia 8800GT video cards?

the OLD 8800GTS which you are referring to, is a G80 chip, runs hotter, and slower. the NEW 8800GT and the 8800GTS G92 run much better and quicker. you just got mixed up because there is a G80 880... Read More »