What must seeds and spores do before they grow in soil?

Answer They need water, correct temperature (warmth), and a good location (such as in soil).

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Will watermelon seeds grow without soil?

Answer Hydroponics is an interesting subject for investigation. Use the link and read about a way to grow things without soil. There is some criticality to sprouting the seed using this method, and... Read More »

Can you grow seeds in potting soil?

Many plants can be grown from seed planted directly into potting soil. Potting soil is a mixture that is commonly used to help plants grow in both pots and other containers. Sterilized potting soil... Read More »

Do bean seeds grow better in soil or water?

water for three days then rich soil should do the job

Do heirloom seeds grow better in clay soil?

You can buy heirloom seeds for all kinds of vegetables, fruits, trees, flowers and other plants. It is important to realize, however, that not all heirloom seeds grow best in the same kind of soil.... Read More »