What must i do to become an mri tech?

Answer An MRI technician is someone who uses magnetic resonance imaging to assist doctors with making diagnoses. In order to become an MRI technician, you will need to attend an MRI technician program an... Read More »

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What must a marine do to become a scout sniper?

Volunteer and apply for Scout Sniper school, be accepted, and pass training.

What Classes Must One Take to Become a Mortician?

Most morticians learn their trade through the study of mortuary science, a field of study for which many colleges offer an undergraduate degree. Also known as funeral directors and undertakers, mor... Read More »

How to Become a Police Detective - Learn What You Must Do?

Many people who are in law enforcement field like being a street cop, and then there are some who like going undercover or working in the canine division, but others enjoy being a detective. For me... Read More »

What education is required to become an EKG tech?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most EKG technicians take no formal educational training and learn on the job (in four to six weeks). However, there are one-year certification cla... Read More »