What must I look for when choosing a PSU in a custom PC?

Answer…Here it is a wattage calculator for PSU's.The 1.5v for RAM is a function of the mobo/biosYou need enough watts to power the system and enough sata, molex ... Read More »

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What are some things to look for or ask when choosing an Early Intervention Preschool program?

Look for a program that does not focus on the disability and neglect the child. You need a good preschool program as much as you need the therapies which will help your child.Is there plenty of tim... Read More »

What should i consider when choosing power supply for computer?

1) Size and shape - will it fit in your case. Will the hole for the power cord to plug in be accessible.2) How many devices to you need to connect? Will you have enough cables?3) Wattage. The mo... Read More »

What is the most important feature when choosing a broadband package?

For me it comes down to speed as the most important item first. What good is a computer if it takes an age to connect all the time? It becomes nothing more than an expensive paper weight.The second... Read More »

When choosing a new teddy for dry humping.....?

I have to admit you've got me at a loss to find an answer, as I don't recall having witnessed this. Never to late to find out though.Paddington wears boots and are they relative to this activity.Ha... Read More »