What must I look for when choosing a PSU in a custom PC?

Answer…Here it is a wattage calculator for PSU's.The 1.5v for RAM is a function of the mobo/biosYou need enough watts to power the system and enough sata, molex ... Read More »

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Need Help with choosing a 3d tv ?

HiThis is a good set but there are hundreds to choose from at all prices in the UK so make sure you have looked at what is on offer first. They will almost all link with XBOX and a BluRay so your c... Read More »

Please, Help me choosing the right TV!?

Simple answer...Go to a store and look at them side-by-side. That way you can also compare prices on the spot.Next, buy a copy of the Products Guide that the Consumer Protection people put out (or ... Read More »

I need help choosing! Which one should I get!!!?

Sorry, the Kindle Paperwhite does not include a music feature, but it provides a variety of reading features. It is brighter than any other kindle products, and the resolution display is much high... Read More »

Help me with choosing?

Go for the M18x. It is a top class gaming laptop. Go for the best if you have money!