What musical instrument did Jack Lemmon play in"Some Like it Hot"?

Answer In "Some Like It Hot", directed by Billy Wilder in 1959, Jack Lemmon plays the upright bass, as can be seen during two musical sequences: a nightclub scene at the movie's beginning, and a rehearsal... Read More »

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For those that do not play a musical instrument.?

Saxaphone and trumpet just to recreate the sounds of the 40's and the great players of the time

Who was the first DJ to play turntables as a musical instrument?

Although musicians as early as the 1930s experimented with using turntables to manipulate music, Grand Wizard Theodore (aka Theodore Livingston) discovered the scratch and the needle drop as a musi... Read More »

What musical instrument was used to play Taps?

The song "Taps" was written for the bugle in 1862. It was requested by Union General Daniel Adams Butterfield to honor the loss of hundreds of his men. The bugler who helped create and first played... Read More »

How to Play the Triangle Musical Instrument?

When an orchestra performs, its different sections all work together to create the music. Although you often cannot hear individual instruments, each one contributes an important sound that blends ... Read More »