What muscles does the stairmaster work?

Answer The StairMaster is a popular exercise machine that allows the user to get a workout by simulating climbing stairs continuously. StairMasters primarily work the muscles of the legs and the heart.Pur... Read More »

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What muscles does the elliptical work?

An elliptical machine moves the legs along half-crescent, or "elliptical," tracks. Many also have handles connected to the tracks, which allow you to work both the upper- and lower-body muscles.Low... Read More »

What muscles does a rowing machine work out?

A rowing machine targets the muscles of the back by simulating the act of rowing a boat. Depending on technique, muscles of the back, legs, abdomen and arms may be engaged during this exercise.Midd... Read More »

What muscles does the elliptical machine work?

The elliptical machine works muscles in both the upper and lower body. In the legs, it works the thighs, hips, calves and the lower shins. Through resistance in the handles, it works the shoulders,... Read More »

What Muscles Does Jump Roping Work?

Jump roping works the muscles in the abdomen, chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs, particularly the calves and thighs. Performed regularly it improves muscular endurance of these muscle groups. I... Read More »