What are your top 10 movies that were released before you were born?

Answer Sept. 1995 1. Leon2. Aliens3. Pulp Fiction4. Midnight Run5. Strictly Ballroom6. Reservoir Dogs7. The Usual Suspects (if it came out before Sep.)8. Raging Bull9. Citizen Kane10. Edward ScissorhandsB... Read More »

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What happened after James bulgers killers were released?

They got new identities and one is living ordinary life while Venables most likely never will since he's mental state is worse. You can read the article in the link below.

If you were a girl were would you rather go at theme park or the movies?

I am a girl...Personally, I would love to go to a theme park because I love roller coasters, but it's all personal preference.

What Movies were popular in the 1930's?

The 1930s were the "Golden Age" of Hollywood! While the country was struggling its way back up from The Great Depression, Hollywood was making movies the country could escape into... if only for an... Read More »

What were the last 5 movies you watched?

Weekend At Bernie's (yay)Ted (yay)Prometheus (nay)Lord of Illusions (yay)John Carter (yay)I haven't seen in time and the other guys.