Can I start using my BBT on cycle day 8 (tomorrow)?

Answer your thermometer sounds perfect.I would go for it this cycle to get an idea of how FF works and how BBT is just as a starting cycle. I think I started cd9 my first cycle of bbt. it's great to get a... Read More »

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I want to be a vegan how do i start doing this i am starting tomorrow?

You shouldn't just decide to go from omnivore to vegan overnight. I'm so happy you want to be vegan, being vegan myself, but it takes time to change your diet. Change it too fast and your body will... Read More »

Going to our allotment tomorrow.....anything we can start planting with the kids?

Shallots are a good starter, if you have rhubarb now would be a good time to dig it up and split it, before replanting in well composted soil. Japanese onion sets is an idea.If the weather is again... Read More »

I start school tomorrow and i dont know what to wear!?

You could just mix and match stuff from your closet. Go and try on a couple of things and wear what looks best on you! I know the feeling when you freak out because you just realised that you don't... Read More »

Tomorrow I'm going to start losing weight. Any tips?

I dont know about eating but if you get thristy drink some crystal light its yum!