What movies or small videos are about or show a part of unprivileged children on Christmas and related holidays?

Answer A Christmas Carol...

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Should a Responsible 14 year old Get a iPhone 4 if he's paying for the phone and the mom paying for the bill.It'd be for a birthday gift and a a small part of he's Christmas present?

Whether or not you are responsible can't be determined by yourself, that's an incredibly biased opinion. Personally, I think that if you're buying the iPhone yourself, you'll value it much more, an... Read More »

When small children 6 plus 8 spend 6hrs. per day in a 65 degree pool for three days in a row will they probably show symptoms of a cold?

How to Do Something in the Christmas Holidays?

You don't really know what to do around Christmas time and your friends have gone away for Christmas? This is the perfect page for you.Christmas is the best holiday.

The holidays are coming...Do you get more down this time of year because of any adoption/foster related issues?

i despise the holidays. always have. it's almost as bad as birthdays, hich SUCK.the only saving grace is volunteering at homeless shelters.