Did you see any dinosaur movies over the weekend.?

Answer yep, watch this one

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What movies do you plan to watch on the weekend?

I have seen most the movies on your list and like them all, but have not seen Finding Forrester and Frida, so with that , I intend to watch those 2 and gather up some for the week end and let you k... Read More »

Give me your list of best rainy day/weekend movies?

Hook Daylight Along came a spider Across the hall Astroboy Road to PerditionBeetlejuice Appleseed Stardust

Do you like movies with open endings?

I like endings that suit the movie and its atmosphere... so open endings are okay as long as they are not unbelievable or ridiculous. I like the idea that there are multiple ways a movie could end ... Read More »

How do i convert Quicktime movies off a camera so they can open with Windows Movie Maker?

There are a ton of free online video converters around...~heres just one , there are lots on this site to chose from...…