Eddie Redmayne movies?

Answer He played main roles in "Hick" and "My week with Marilyn" but side roles in other stuff like "The Other Boelyn Girl". Gotta love Eddie Redmayne!

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What is Eddie shoestrings personality?

What would you ask to Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy and why?

Dear Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy To you both, what is the most you would expect from a movie '' Tower Heist " ?thanks.

What is your favorite Eddie Murphy movie?

Trading Places 10Beverly Hills Cop 9Beverly Hills Cop 2 8Beverly Hills Cop 3 6Boomerang -Meet Dave -Mulan ... Read More »

What kind of guitar did Eddie Van Halen play?

Eddie Van Halen used a number of different guitars, and invented several as well. All of them were electric guitars, and Fender was the brand he used the most. Fender reworked his Frankenstrat cr... Read More »