Happy birthday to Steven Spielberg, what are your top 5 movies directed by him?

Answer It's the 18th here in Sydney! :)1. Catch Me If You Can2. Empire of the Sun3. Saving Private Ryan4. E.T.5. If you can include producer, then Back to the Future.BQ: Noo, he's got a lot!BQ2: It's A Wo... Read More »

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Movies..What are your two favorite films directed by Martin Scorsese?

easily the greatest director to ever live! you should also check out The Last Waltz if you enjoyed Shine a Light two favorite would be Goodfellas and Raging Bu... Read More »

What are some of your favorite movies where the leading actor also wrote and directed the movie?

Orson Wells in Citizen KaneKevin Spacey Beyond The SeaSylvester Stallone~ RockyBen Stiller~ Zoolander

What is the meaning of the name Nolan?

The first name Nolan is primarily given to males and can mean champion, proud one, famous or noble. The origin of Nolan is a variant of the Irish and Gaelic name, Nuallan.References:Think Baby Name... Read More »

Where are nolan helmets made?

The Nolan Group, based in Bergamo, Italy, manufactures Nolan helmets and it uses many distributors worldwide. In the United States, CIMA International Inc. of Aurora, Illinois, distributes the enti... Read More »