Movies..What are your two favorite films directed by Martin Scorsese?

Answer easily the greatest director to ever live! you should also check out The Last Waltz if you enjoyed Shine a Light two favorite would be Goodfellas and Raging Bu... Read More »

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Happy birthday to Steven Spielberg, what are your top 5 movies directed by him?

It's the 18th here in Sydney! :)1. Catch Me If You Can2. Empire of the Sun3. Saving Private Ryan4. E.T.5. If you can include producer, then Back to the Future.BQ: Noo, he's got a lot!BQ2: It's A Wo... Read More »

What are some of your favorite movies where the leading actor also wrote and directed the movie?

Orson Wells in Citizen KaneKevin Spacey Beyond The SeaSylvester Stallone~ RockyBen Stiller~ Zoolander

What was the Howard Johnson's waitress uniform?

According to, the Howard Johnson's uniform in the late 1960s and 1970s consisted of a short sleeve, peach-colored polyester dress with an orange and plaid front bodice and matching p... Read More »

What is a good question to ask Russell Howard?

Ask him when he going to do some mature stand up jokes, rather than immature teeny bopper jokes