Celebrity Hijack: ok .. maybe one more... Is Matt Lucas a SWINE...?

Answer hopefully they'll all get better as they go along but i think Joan Rivers will surpass them all!!

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Which episode of shooting stars did Matt lucas sing about lesbians?

how do you become a contestant on beat the star please answer it please.

Why does Matt Dallas women friends seem not to respect his body or him Matt deserves respect.?

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Where does the last name Lucas come from?

The last name "Lucas" means, "man from Lucania." Located in Southern Italy, the 3858 square mile area of Lucania may have had an ancient name which meant "shining." Lucas also may have originated ... Read More »

What does Lucas mean?

The boys' name Lucas means "man from Lucania," according to Nickelodeon Parents Connect. Lucania is a region in the south of Italy around the Gulf of Taranto, explains the Merriam-Webster Dictionar... Read More »