Celebrity Hijack: ok .. maybe one more... Is Matt Lucas a SWINE...?

Answer hopefully they'll all get better as they go along but i think Joan Rivers will surpass them all!!

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Which episode of shooting stars did Matt lucas sing about lesbians?

how do you become a contestant on beat the star please answer it please.

Has Lucas Cruikshank ever been on American idol?

no, he hasn't been on American idol, he wants to be an actor

In what movies has Jennifer tilly been in?

bride of chucky,seed of chucky,bound,liar liar

What Movies Have Been Released on Laserdisc but not DVD?

Allot of B movies have been released on Laser disc yet never made it to DVD.Take Death Fall. This movie stared Nicolas Cage. It was a flop at the box office yet was picked up by Show Time and Playe... Read More »