Does the PSP play DVD movies?

Answer While the PlayStation Portable cannot play DVDs, it can play movies and television shows on universal media discs (UMDs). You can also download movies and TV shows directly to your PSP's memory un... Read More »

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Does the iPod play R5 movies?

The iPod is only capable of playing movies that are in H.264m or the MPEG-4, format. There are several video file conversion programs such as Videora and Xilisoft that can convert an R5 movie into... Read More »

Does PS3 play blue ray movies?

It says so on the box. It says so uin the console itself. It's one of the advertised features. Yes.

Does a playstation 2 play blue ray movies?

No a PS2 can not play Blu-ray discs and can only play CDs and DVDs.

Does the PlayStation2 play blue ray movies?

No, a blu ray disc needs a special laser within the player to read the information.