Which Final Destination movies did you like and why?

Answer i also watched and liked all of them..i liked the final destination -2 the most (because the accidents and visuals were terrific) followed by the very first part(ofcourse 1st will be the best )....... Read More »

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Does checked luggage go to the final destination only?

Checked bags take the same flights you do. If you have four connections to get to your final destination, so do your bags. This is one way luggage can get lost; it gets mixed up with other bags fro... Read More »

Does Erin Ryder appear in season 2 the yeti on destination truth?

Why does one eye look bigger than the other, and have more eyelashes than the other?

Its normal, none of your body partys will be exactly the same Like your arms, one might be longer than the other. The same goes for your legs, eyes, nostrils, ears, etc :)

Will there be a Final Destination 6?

God, I hope not. That film series died many films ago.Your best bet is to type it into youtube or go onto IMDB