What creature is sandy?

Answer Sandy is a squirrel who is good friends with spongebob who lives in a tree dome

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What kind of creature is sandy?

She is a really cool can climb nuts....and also store them for the winter. She is a SQUIRREL!!! But seriously, how did you not know that??

What is the origin of the name Sandy?

The name Sandy is used for both genders, but has become more popular as a girl’s name. Sandy was originally an English and Scottish nickname for Alexander, from the Old Greek meaning “defender ... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Sandy?

The name Sandy has its roots in Greek, and it means "defending men." It is a form of the name Sandra. In the past it was considered a unisex name, but is used almost strictly for girls now.Referenc... Read More »

What movies am I missing from this List of best movies 2008-2012?

Interesting list. I liked a lot of those movies and now I know some I want to go watch because they look good. I will try to give you some you might have missed. A lot of these you've probably seen... Read More »