Who is the better actor, Leonardo Dicaprio or Edward Norton?

Answer I think both actors are amazing, Norton has been perfect in a particular set of roles, meanwhile, DiCaprio is great in almost every single one of his roles. So, I guess, I'll go with DiCaprio since... Read More »

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Edward Norton guest starred on the first season of Prison Break?

Edward Norton has NOT appeared on any season of prison break to date. He did however star in American History X, in which his character Derek Vinyard was incarated for part of the film.

Why the producers of Avengers choose Eric Bana for Hulk instead of Edward Norton?

I think because Edward would be a lot more expensive.Edward is a better actor definitely, but the other guy did a good job. Besides, it's not like Edward Norton would actually be THE hulk in hulk f... Read More »

Did edward the 6th have any siblings?

What is the meaning of the name Edward?

Edward is an English name that means “wealth protector.” The name comes from the Old English Eadweard and is a royal name. The youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II is named Edward, along with eig... Read More »