I want the truth?

Answer I had my belly button pirced almost 2 years ago and i was very scared when i went because of the size of the needle..When the lady actually pirced it she soaked it with antiseptic cream and spray a... Read More »

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I want the bloody truth!!!!?

Long, thin, needles with formula to numb the pain go straight into the gum line, stitches, a little elbow grease from the doc, and wisdom teeth. You'll probably hear the doc pulling the... Read More »

If truth is beauty, and beauty is truth, why do women wear make-up?

Your question relies on the initial clause being correct. It isn't. They're apples and oranges.Adequate attempt at being clever. Don't give up and you'll figure it out someday. Good day sir.

Am i over weight i want the truth i will not be offended!!?

you are out of your mind. overweight? absolutely not- a little curvier than some of the other girls, but overweight is pushing it.

Is my plumber telling me the truth about roots clogging my sewer line?

The best way to figure out what parts of your sewer line are compromised is a CCTV pipe inspection. The pipe inspection never lies. You can also utilize a flow while the camera is in the line. When... Read More »