Have you a favourite cowboy movie with John 'the Duke' Wayne in it.?

Answer mclintock'n the shootist matey. friggin paladin be killin off me 'duke'! SAVVY! :P

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Where did John Wayne graduate high school?

John Wayne graduated in 1925 from Glendale Union High School in Glendale, California. He played football, headed the Latin Society and was on the debating team. Wayne maintained an A grade average.... Read More »

What is the Sci Fy b-rated movie where a newly wed couple goes to a town where people get seduced by the rock and roll music and no one ever leaves?

I think you are talking about the episode, "You Know They Got a Hell of a Band," from the Stephen King miniseries Nightmares and Dreamscapes. A young couple accidentally ends up in a small town po... Read More »

Was John Wayne a US Marine?

No. He never was in the military. He played many parts in war movies, but he never saw action beyond the movie set. Just like he never was a cowboy.At the start of the war, John Wayne was 34 years ... Read More »

In how many movies did John Wayne die?

Legendary actor John Wayne died in only eight films: "Reap the Wild Wind," "The Fighting Seabees," "Wake of the Red Witch," "Sands of Iwo Jima," "The Alamo," "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," "Th... Read More »