What is the reflection from the Movie The Day After Tomorrow?

Answer The main storyline is about a fathers journey to find his son while global warming and all the major changes to the planet is occurring. The father and mother of the son are separated, living in di... Read More »

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If you just have a cold, buy Allegra "D" from the pharmacy. You have to be 18 and show ID, but don't need a prescription. It is strong, so take only as directed, and be aware it will interfere wi... Read More »

My gfriend and I are holding a dinner party tomorrow night?

If you are looking for a side dish try lyonnaise potatoes. Really easy but tastes great.If you need any more help let me know!!…

How much does it cost to rent a limo for one night?

Limos can range anywhere from $75-$200 on average. Their prices rise with the amount of people participating, the distance of the trip, the time of year, or the kind of limo you choose. For example... Read More »

What should I wear tomorrow?

If you have blonde hair, definatly the grey tee outfit. Brown or red would be the blue one. Black and other colors would be cool with the grey and white. Blue one you should wear it half up or a p... Read More »