Which secondary or throw-away movie character do you think should have her/his own movie?

Answer Pretty much anything staring Keanu Reeves. If his characters aren't secondary and throw-away, I don't know what else they could be!Woah!

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Help! what movie should i watch?

1. The Prestige2. A clockwork Orange3. The Virgin SuicideStrongly recommend the first 2 both of which I gave a 9/10 on imdb, haven't seen the rest.

What movie should I watch tonight?

Legends of the Fall is a wonderful classic movie. Brad Pitt is at his best ;)

What celebrity should play YOU in a movie and why?

Patrick Swayze The Young Bloke Is A Master And He Has Real Determination To Win . The Work He Has I Have Survived A Plane Crash ( Six Mates dead) 9Mths later Drunk Driver Smashed Mates Car That I W... Read More »

What should i do after the movie but before dinner?

Glad you clarify your age.Go to a park or take a walk. What I suggest you and your girl do, is talk one on one. Play 21 questions with each other. Like ask her a question, she answers, then she ask... Read More »