Movies: Can you do this song/movie challenge?

Answer I Want To Be Free - The Ohio Players…Well I hope this makes sense to you too. I'm taking a song about a relationship and using the theme of a man wanting t... Read More »

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A great movie is that every time you watch it, you see something new: What movies are like that for you?

Hey Suicidal!The movies that I'm constantly discovering something new, or some hidden message I hadn't noticed before + in complete awe of with each viewing would be:2001: A Space OdysseyLOTR: Retu... Read More »

How do I convert Quick Time movies to Windows Movie Player?

Download and Install Conversion SoftwareDownload and install a software that can convert your QuickTime movie (a .mov file is a native Mac movie format) to Windows Media Video movie (a .wmv file is... Read More »

What is your all time fav movie / song?

My favorite movie is Cool RunningsFeel The RythmFeel The RideLets Get On UpIts Bob-Sled TimeCOOOOOOL Runnings!!!!My Fav. song is Walk This Way by Aerosmith...Just amazing

How to Pretend to Be Like Silvermist from Tinkerbell Movies?

SilvermistDo you want to be like Silvermist? Read the article to find out how.