How to Pretend to Be Like Silvermist from Tinkerbell Movies?

Answer SilvermistDo you want to be like Silvermist? Read the article to find out how.

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What is your all time fav movie / song?

My favorite movie is Cool RunningsFeel The RythmFeel The RideLets Get On UpIts Bob-Sled TimeCOOOOOOL Runnings!!!!My Fav. song is Walk This Way by Aerosmith...Just amazing

Movies: Can you do this song/movie challenge?

I Want To Be Free - The Ohio Players…Well I hope this makes sense to you too. I'm taking a song about a relationship and using the theme of a man wanting t... Read More »

How do I convert Quick Time movies to Windows Movie Player?

Download and Install Conversion SoftwareDownload and install a software that can convert your QuickTime movie (a .mov file is a native Mac movie format) to Windows Media Video movie (a .wmv file is... Read More »

A great movie is that every time you watch it, you see something new: What movies are like that for you?

Hey Suicidal!The movies that I'm constantly discovering something new, or some hidden message I hadn't noticed before + in complete awe of with each viewing would be:2001: A Space OdysseyLOTR: Retu... Read More »