How can you be on the show destroy build destroy?

Answer To to cartoon and sign up.

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Classifications of Tornadoes?

The most popular method of classifying tornadoes is the Fujita scale, which measures tornadoes based on the amount of damage they cause. The scale gets its name from the man who developed it: Tetsu... Read More »

The Causes & Effects of Tornadoes?

A large thunderstorm mixed with certain atmospheric conditions can produce tornadoes, the large, fast-moving funnels of wind that cause damage and deaths annually in America. Tornadoes can appear i... Read More »

In what direction do tornadoes travel?

Tornadoes follow in a cyclic motion along the air flow of the parent (main) storm. For example, a tornado associated with a hurricane will move to the east, while movement of those originating stri... Read More »

Why are tornadoes like vacuum cleaners?

because the air in side them is moving so fast that it makes the tornado have less pressure than the things around it making every thing get sucked in to it just like a vacuum