What movie has the song"The End of the World"?

Answer The song '"The End of the World," performed by Skeeter Davis, was on the soundtrack for the movie "The Boat That Rocked," which featured songs from the 1960s. The movie was initially released in th... Read More »

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The new world movie.....?

Historical accuracy:Wingfield is shown being shot by the settlers, but in reality he lived until 1630 and wrote several books on Jamestown. In one scene, Farrell's shoulder and chest are shown with... Read More »

Whats the best movie in the world!?

Depends on your tastes... But for my money, Fight club rates high.

Whats the best movie in the world?

Has to be Gigli. So good that nobody today fully understands it's important impact and future film critics will enshrine it as the pinnicle of the genre.

What is your favorite movie in the whole world?