What mouse would you recommend for a laptop?

Answer Logitech V500. It is small but comfortable, wireless, "foldable" and comes with a pouch very convenient for travel, has a 4 way tactile wheel and the battery life is truly excellent.The killer deta... Read More »

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What laptop would u guys recommend me to get?

erm i suggest looking for an acer, hp or toshiba they have good deals on websites such as or, make sure it's an intel core 2 duo!

What laptop brands would you recommend?

If you're looking for the amazing type of laptop, I recommend the Mac-book. If you are looking for a fast one, I would choose an HP laptop You can find varieties of lap... Read More »

What would you recommend for a new laptop, an "AMD " or " Intel Core 2 Duo" processor?

There really aren't 'others' in the mainstream unless you consider the powerPC architecture -which is only used in Macs.It depends what you want to do with it - certain types of applications will ... Read More »

If I want to get a fast, reliable, strong laptop, that I can use for gaming and work what would you recommend?

DELL XPS M1710…range £ 1,199 - 1,499 ,,, now go configure1. DVD writer i prefer2. Select Windows Media Centre 2005 as operating system, NOT Win XP home / ... Read More »