What mould contains spores?

Answer bread mould

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What is the function of seeds&spores in plants?

Plants reproduce by means of spores or seeds. Flowering plants that rely on pollination for reproduction create seeds as a result of that process. Non-flowering plants, such as ferns, rely on spo... Read More »

What is the best wat to kill mould?

Mixing bleach and ammonia make a gas, which can kill you...…But, bleach will definitely get rid of the mold, worked in my house, but if you are pregnant, y... Read More »

What is the structure that ferns produce spores?

I just ate a roll with mould on it what do i do?

Don't worry! We all make mistakes like this one time or another. Unless you ate a very large quantity of it, or a special kind of it, you should be fine - it sounds to me like you didn't even swall... Read More »