What motor technology does the volt use?

Answer The Chevrolet Volt and its electric motor aim to change the way people look at the automobile by becoming the first true electric car to catch on with consumers.Not a HybridThe Volt has occasionall... Read More »

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Can you use two 12-volt batteries wired in series with a 12-volt trolling motor?

No. Wiring in series stacks the voltage being delivered. Two 12-volt batteries in series deliver 24 volts, which causes permanent damage and a fire hazard in a 12-volt trolling motor. Wire the batt... Read More »

How to Wire a 24 Volt Motor?

Twenty-four volt motors have many uses, but one particular use is in small trolling fishing boats. Many are fitted with 12-volts motors running off a single 12-volt battery. If you want to increase... Read More »

How to Wire a 2-Way 12 Volt Motor?

A two-way motor is designed to run in either forward or reverse as needed. Commonly found in automobiles with automatic power windows, these motors are usually controlled by a double pole double th... Read More »

Can you run a 24 volt motor on 12 volts?

A 24-volt DC motor will run with 12 volts of power applied across the motor leads; however, the motor will run at a slower rotational speed than if 24 volts were applied across the leads.Source:"Br... Read More »