What motor corporations hire felons with the education of course.?

Answer GM motor corporation hire felons.

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What Companies Hire Convicted Felons in Washington D.C.?

Hiring felons is a way to integrate them back into society after they exit from prison. However, employers are scared to do so for a number of reasons including the potential for further criminal a... Read More »

Does dish network hire felons?

Yes, as long as the crime is not theft related e.g burglary, robbery, retail theft, etc.

Does anybody know any companies that hire ex-felons in Atlanta or the metro area?

A lot of companies hire felons. Publix and Kroger are two that I know off hand. I used to be a parole officer so I know there are plenty of jobs for felons. What you must understand is that when... Read More »

How much would it be to hire out a function room for a night approximately of course?

Impossible to answer, there are cheap places and expensive places. Best thing to do is google a fe local places and look at their prices. Your question is like asking How much does a car cost?