What is the most common favorite color?

Answer Most Popular Color in the World's the word from a survey conducted by three global marketing firms that determined blue is overwhelmingly the favorite color of people in each of 1... Read More »

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What eye color is least common?

Green. but yes, red is technically an option, and is much more rare than green, albino's have pink or red eyes and have a more rare condition. It is true.

What is the most common color of amethyst?

Although amethysts can be found in shades of blue and green--as well as smoky browns and reds when they've been heated--amethysts are most often purple. From an almost colorless lavender hue to dee... Read More »

Is brown a common eye color?

Brown eyes are the most common in the world. They are found in a number of ethnic groups and can range from the lightest honey to the deepest, near-black. Geneticists considers the brown eye a domi... Read More »

What is the common name and color for hemerocallis citrina?

Common names for Hemerocallis citrina are citron day-ily, long yellow daylily and huang hua cai. This flower is lemon-yellow in color. It’s easily grown in full sun or partial shade and, unlike o... Read More »