What month was dishwasher patented?

Answer It will suck off all of your skin.

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D my dishwasher a month Very disatisfied Wanted to bring it back to upgrade The BOSCH model purchased is worst dishwasher ever Can you help upgrade to better model?

How much money does a human dishwasher make a month?

Depending on the amount of dishes that need to be washed and your time spent washing those dishes your pay may vary. Ranging from 600$ - 1400$ a month.

Would a plastic item that melted in your dishwasher spread harmful toxins throughout the dishwasher making everything in the dishwasher unsafe to use again?

Melting plasticNo harmful toxins, but probably a bad taste. It wouldn't hurt to run the load again. Well I do not agree entirely, depending how bad the plastic was melted and what KIND of plastic i... Read More »

Who patented the MRI and in what year?

Raymond V. Damadian, M.D., received the first patent in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for "Apparatus and Method for Detecting Cancer in Tissue," U.S. patent 3789832. The filing date... Read More »