What month of spring should you plant corn?

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How late in the spring can you plant sweet corn in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, plant corn between March 25 and April 30. Make the last spring planting of corn so that it is ready for harvest by mid to late July. Sweet corn does not pollinate well in high temperat... Read More »

What types of Spring flowers will you plant this Spring?

sunflowers, dasiey, any and every wild flower i possible can.....nothing more beautiful than a field full of wild flowers....the smell beautilful too and after a fresh spring they are great.....hmm... Read More »

How do I plant corn?

Sweet corn, reserved for larger gardens, grows best in sunlight and should be planted when any chance of frost has passed. Corn grows best in short rows, making it easier for the plants to pollinat... Read More »

HELP When should you plant corn?

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