What month is good for planting flowers in chicago?

Answer Anytime after the last frost date is a good month to plant flowers. Based on historical data, the last frost date in Chicago in 2010 is April 22. If you want to plant by the moon calendar, Farmer's... Read More »

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In what month do potatoes harvest If not a certain month, how many months after planting?

It depends on the type of potatoe(s) that you planted. Potatoes should be planted as soon as the soil can be worked. You will need to hill dirt up around them or mulch around them when they are 6" ... Read More »

What zone is Wisconsin in for planting flowers?

There are several plant hardiness zones in Wisconsin. The northernmost region is primarily 3b with some 3a. It is 4a across the center, and 4b toward the southern part of the state. Along the south... Read More »

What Causes Hydrangea Flowers to Wilt After Planting?

Hydrangeas are flowering shrubs featuring bold pompoms or panicles of white, pink or blue flowers that grow in gardens across the United States. Problems with these plants arise from the very speci... Read More »

What shrubs and flowers for landscape planting are deer resistant?

First: the caveat. With the possible exception of spiny Barberries (Berberis) there are no absolutely deer-proof plants. If the herd is large enough, and food is scarce enough, deer have been known... Read More »